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Re-deploying senior talents - An innovative HR solution!

When enterprises need to improve operating processes, upgrade systems, or are confronted with crisis management, sudden departures, long absences, employee sickness or death, succession planning, public listing, company merger, project management, or similar situations, professional talents with practical experience who can quickly understand and carry out the required tasks are urgently needed on-board. Under such circumstances short-term placement of seasoned professionals from Interim Executive service is the ideal solution for enterprises.

Interim Executive is the deployment of a manager with experience and practical operations to tackle short-term projects that can only be successfully completed by senior professionals, assisting enterprises to solve problems, and navigating through crises, transformations, or transitions.

Circumstances suitable for using Interim Executive service:

  1. Improving enterprise's accounting, personnel, and marketing processes
  2. Effecting desired change and innovation in enterprise, but executives are too busy fire-fighting and unable to set aside time for reform
  3. Requiring professional experience, technology, or knowledge, but cannot be satisfied internally or by the market
  4. Temporary stop-gap when individual talent lack experience to take on important position

Characteristics of Interim Executive:

  1. Interim Executives tend to be abundantly qualified
  2. Cover temporary, short-term work, so minimizing impact on employee morale, with no effect on promotional opportunities for existing staff, reducing organizational resistance
  3. Not restricted by the company's culture or politics, so able to offer objective advice
  4. Able to familiarize with the situation quickly and effectively, targeting specific issue, complete the required mission, making them versatile human resources with the highest return on investment

Interim executive application case study:

Scenario 1: A software company has experienced several years of downturn and hoped to find an interim CEO to help the company adjust its strategies and improve its programming skills.

The interim executive assumes position as the interim CEO and spends several days to discuss the current business condition with the company's senior executive team. He stipulates clear-cut short-term objectives and strategies and receives approval from the board of directors. Moreover, he decides to focus on more profitable businesses and effective project management to concentrate on the development of a vital new product. After thoroughly executing the short-term plan, the company eventually turned loss into profit.

After steadying the company's business, the interim CEO turns his attention to improving its operating procedures and aims to develop the company's framework and system from a small scale to that of a medium sized company. When the interim CEO finds a full-time CEO from the board of directors, he hands over the company that he has salvaged to complete his mission.

Scenario 2: A telecommunications company has been acquired by a group, resulting in the resignation of many senior executives. The company is unable to fill such large number of vacancies in a short period of time.

A temporary sales development executive is employed via the interim executive approach. Having assumed position as a senior executive in related business, the interim executive has far superior experience than the company's existing executives. The sales executives are aware of the interim executive's strength and the nature of his tenure, thus they are willing to help the company get through the crisis under his leadership. The interim executive integrates 100 employees from three sales development organizations and adjusts the ratio of the sales channel. He even introduces several new clients through his personal contacts. As a result, the interim executive not only stabilizes the personnel and business of the development department, he has done so with unprecedented performance and efficacy.

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