Recruitment Process

With our professional experience, IMC is able to develop a fast, effective talent screening mechanisms and formulate a set of SOPs so that our consultants can systematically assist our clients and quickly recruit the most suitable talents. During the entire process, we apply the most stringent and professional methods to protect the rights of our clients and candidates.

Step 1

Understand the company's needs

Preliminary study of the client's background needs

Step 2

Talent search

Formulate a talent search plan

Strategies and defining the target company group

Step 3

Screening and evaluating the candidate

The consultant interviews, evaluates and screens the suitable candidate

Recommend the candidate and arrange for the company to interview the candidate

Assist the company to evaluate and review the candidate

Step 4

Selecting the final candidate and negotiation of relevant details

Final candidate recommended and background investigation

Employment contract negotiation and discussion

Follow-up within the guarantee period

Recruitment timetable

After the contract is signed, qualified candidates must be searched and selected within one to two weeks, and the candidates' resumes must be delivered to the client within two to three weeks. An interview must be arranged between the client and the candidates. From the 4th to 6th week, we must help the client to finalize the final candidate and negotiate an employment contract until the contract is signed. If the client revises the job description and causes a delay to the progress of the case, IMC will not be able to adhere to the timetable.


Event description Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Number of weeks
Visit the client to understand the job vacancy details and background
Investigate, research, search and confirm the target company group 2
Interview and evaluation by the consultant 2
Prepare resume for the qualified candidates 1
Qualified candidates interview 2
Second interview 2
Sign employment contract 3
Candidate report for duty
Follow-up of the candidate after he/she has assumed office until the guarantee period expires 4

Our recruitment process can generally be divided into the following:

Investigate, research, search and confirm the target company group

In the early stages of recruitment, through in-depth discussion with the client, our consultant begins to investigate, research the market and carry out talent search in order to confirm the target group and potential candidates. The activity's process is determined by the nature of the mission and requires approximately two weeks.

Selective interview

Meet with potential candidates to conduct evaluation, requires about two weeks. However, this step can be conducted in conjunction with the above step to find the qualified candidates.

Prepare a list of qualified candidates

About one week.

Interview qualified candidates and second interview

If the two steps are conducted simultaneously, it will require three weeks. Of course this is also determined by the speed of the client's decision-making process.

Sign contract

(Recruitment activity concludes) - roughly two weeks.


If a good rapport can be established with the client, the recruitment SOP will be able to be implemented according to the timetable. This requires a total of roughly six to eight weeks from start to completion. Usually the more senior the job vacancy is the less qualified candidates will be available. If the client changes its requirements, the recruitment process will take longer.



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